Saturday, September 26, 2015

God of comfort, come and comfort me today! Amen

Psa 94:19 NASB - "19 When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul."

Psa 94:19 YLT - "19 In the abundance of my thoughts within me, Thy comforts delight my soul."

During times of loss our minds function like popcorn machines and all internal order and sense can seem to pass away.  We are torn between past, present, and future.  At such times what can we do?

Center ourselves in the consolation and comfort of our Creator and Redeemer.

What does it mean that God will console us?

1.  God is sympathetic to our loss, sadness, and pain.  He is not mad at us for being sad.   He shares in our sadness.

2.  God has great affection towards us in Christ even though this horrible loss took place.  Nothing can separate us from HIS love in Christ Jesus.

3.  God listens to us in our pain.  The book of Job is clear evidence that God hears the hurting.

4.  God will send comfort to our inner hearts by HIS Spirit but this may take time for us to feel such comfort.   Remembering that all our friends and family members who are seeking to comfort us are really the manifestation of Christ’s comfort can help.

5.  God does not minimize our loss or pain.  Since we are important to HIM as individuals our struggle is very important to HIM as well.

6.   God will give us advice when we seek and ask for it.  At first we may not want to hear from God or the Bible because our pain and anger are so high.  God is patient.  When we are ready to seek HE will be ready to provide insight.

7.  God recognizes the unique nature of your pain.  HE knows that no one has felt like you feel.  Your struggle is one of a kind.  God treats you in that way.

8.  God is with us at those times when we isolate ourselves from everyone else because we just can’t take being with anyone.   He sits silently with us when we need silence as a good friend.

9.  God is our helper at such times.  He will carry us through even when we are angry and depressed. He never abandons us

10.  God is fully committed and will never think you should be “over it”.  He understands that mourning is a marathon for most people and not a sprint.  He never gets tired of hearing you cry or be sad even if it years later. 

Centering our hearts on these ten truths through specific self-talk can help our mental “popcorn” machine to slow down.  It can turn down the heat and allow us to know some measure of calm in the middle of the storm. 


Comforting All Powerful and All knowing lover of my true soul self,-help me to center myself in your consoling grace.  Draw near to me even if I am running away.   Hound of heaven chaise me down in your irresistible love and bring me home to your sane, stable, and safe heart.  Help me during my most desperate moments.

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