Friday, September 25, 2015

Can God Sill Have A Plan After What I lost?

Musings on Mourning

Phillippians1:6 NASB - "6 For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus."

When we suffer a loss one of the things that we lose is our expectations for our future.  Our dreams will not be happening.  It is easy to feel like the direction of even God’s plan for our lives has been derailed.   Our security and sense of being safe is lost. 

This hits us at many levels.  Nothing seems real.  They call this denial at times. We live day by day and try to act as if the loss has not occurred.  We dreamed our way through the memorial services and the rites of death.  At times reality crashed in on us, including the horrible weight of the loss, but it still seemed like a nightmare from which we could not wake up. 

In the midst of this it is important for us to preach to ourselves the good news.  God is committed to us beyond all of our hopes.  God’s own blood was shed in the Messiah Jesus to righteously forgive us.  HE is fully committed to me.  

His good work in me and for me included this great, horrible, and numbing loss.  HIS tears were mixed with mine, but knowing that this was part of an eventual and necessary aspect of bringing about some greater good. 

The LORD is good and using all my grief for gain in Christ Jesus.  This is the promise of the gospel.

Nothing can separate me from God’s love in Christ Jesus.  Even my life changing and crushing loss cannot separate me from God’s love.  In addition, the good work that God has been working in me is still intact  and will be brought to its full maturity. 

This is what I must preach to my soul in the midst of my deepest sadness.


Dear loving Father, help me now to confident in my deepest soul that the good work you planned for me in Christ Jesus before the creation of the world will be accomplished even out of the ashes of my dreams and hopes.  Lord, grant me faith in your plan and purpose for me.  Help me see that YOU invested your blood in me and for me.  Lord, I believe help me to believe.

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