Friday, February 12, 2016

Musings on Psalm 88

Musings on Psalm 88

Living and great LORD, the ultimate supreme power that can save me out of futility and death, hear my cries.  All mighty and wise ONE, have mercy for the sake of the Messiah Jesus on me and hear the cries of my heart.

My soul faces many struggles, losses, and is in the dark about many things. I feel that I have no strength in my soul. YOU have ordained this chapter in my life that is dark and deep with sorrow. The weight of my life is crushing me.   My heart is heavy with grief. The pounding waves of change are overwhelming.

I seek you day by day. Not as much as I should. Not as intently as I should. Forgive me for not having greater focus and faith that would lead me to you. My eyes are filled with sadness because of the sorrow of my soul. I lift my hands to you and need you to fill me with your peace.

Do not hide your face from me. Let me see your face. Help me to see that you are not casting away your love for me but that nothing in creation can separate me from your strong committed love. Lord, I am helpless and have many fears.

My beloved and my friend is no longer by my side. You have called her home. YOU are my refuge and comforter. In you, I will trust. In you, I will find my rest and restoration.

Come now and help me this day to know how to follow YOU. Increase my love for YOU, LORD. Open my eyes to see YOU, LORD, as you are and allow me to encounter you in many ways in my life. Amen

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