Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day?

Never noticed how many people wish me a Happy Valentine's Day.  Maybe due to it being on Sunday this year, I was around people on that day.   It was just strange.  

I, of course, wished them a happy Valentine's day back.  Some people even gave me candy and cards like Christmas.   

But it was not a happy Valentine's day at all.  It was a sad day.  A day that for 37 years I had bought cards and given balloons to my beloved.  A day we celebrated our love.  I was always the romantic in the relationship.  It meant more to me than to her.  But it was a day I looked forward to every year. 

Now it will be a year I dread each year.  For it reminds me of that empty space in my life.  A space that will never be filled again in my temporal life.  A space forever void in this life.   An emptiness of emptiness.  

So no, it was and will be a sad Valentine's day.  One of sweet memories and desires to remember more.  If I had only kept better records of the days.  I took them for granted like they would always be here.  But, I denied death's coming and took for granted treasures of days that would one day past.   

Lord, comfort my broken heart.  Grant me good memories of Valintine's Day past.   Hold me close Lord and help me to find refuge in your love this day.  Amen

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