Saturday, August 20, 2016

Yesterday was better

The sadness of missing my love and wife has now become a part of my bones and soul.  It is an emptiness always with me and sometimes crushing me.   The Lord is my strength. 

Experiences are old yet new.  I went to do a summit this weekend and stayed overnight in a hotel.  Before my marriage to Terry I rarely stayed in a hotel.  But as a married couple, we had stayed in hotels rooms hundreds of times.  

Those times had been romantic times, traveling times, family times, and business times.  Rarely, only a handful had I ever gone on a trip without my Terry.  

The room was a great room, the hotel a great hotel, and it was all paid for by those who asked me to speak.  But it was empty.  Empty of her smile, of her presence, and of our conversation.  Empty so very empty.  

Lord, help me adapt to this new reality without Terry.  I know you have things for me to do.  That is what keeps me going.  But the emptiness without her is hard to deal with.  I miss her.  Very simple.  

Terry was a great joy to my life and my true life companion.  Life is just not as fun without her.  

Lord, bring me your comfort.  Amen

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