Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dreams that have died

I had dreams
Simple dreams they seemed

Ignoring the ugly reality 
Thinking that beauty could be easily born
To proud to see others had tried before 
Only to eat ashes

So sure we would succeed where others failed
Thinking we were better and brighter
So foolish, so foolish

Even after the flames had burned to the ground all hope, like a Phoenix we gave birth to the dream again and again out of the ashes.
Never surrender, never surrender

You asked me, when do we give up and I say, who said we were giving up.  Then I see that the time had come for you to let go.  So slow, so slow.

Tears in your weary eyes.  Only then do I see the cost of the dream to you.  The price of the loss. The shattering reality. Sorry my friend I did not understand. 

Can the dream be reborn?  Nothing simple about it anymore.  Oceans of blood, sweat, tears, and years. 

Outside of my control.  Only God knows.

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